Over 340 Expert Agent Testimonials.

February 20, 2015

As the ESTAS voting ends for another year we’re thrilled to have received more comments than ever before – thank you to everybody who voted, especially the 348 customers who left these brilliant testimonials.

We’re thrilled to hear that as well as customers continuing to be impressed by all departments of our business they are loving the new Expert Agent Touch, too – have a read of the comments below to see their thoughts for yourselves!



“Having only learnt how to use Expert Agent in the last few months I am very impressed at how easy and straightforward it has been.”

“Incredibly attentive and supportive to our needs. Nothing seems to be too much bother. Their product and customer service are first class.”

“I would suggest everyone use Expert Agent, it’s so easy to use and works great!

“Great web based package and superb online support

“Fantastic software, does everything and more that a modern estate agency could ever wish for and the support is always excellent.”

“Expert Agent are constantly developing the product to meet identified needs, backed up by excellent customer support and training.”

“We have been using Expert Agent for 8 years now and believe it was the best business decision we made in moving to it. Absolutely excellent!”

“Staff always available for assistance which they execute with efficiency and patience. Would recommend to anyone in the property business.”

“I would recommend Expert Agent to everybody! Excellent system with easy to use features.”

“A great dynamic team of people, enhancement requests are welcomed and that is fantastic!”

“Excellent service every time, very efficient. Work quickly to resolve any issues!”

“Great company & fantastic staff at Expert Agent, thank you.”

“Progressive system, easy to use and easy to log support tickets, great to have a system that strives to keep up with the market/needs.”

“Expert Agent is a great cloud based system that is easy and intuitive to use and has fantastic back up from knowledgeable and helpful staff.”

“Fantastic bit of kit”

“Cobble Country would like to thank all the developers at Expert Agent who contribute to an excellent product allowing our company to progress.”

“Excellent communication and training made the process very simple indeed”

“Excellent software/site that has helped hugely in the growth of our company.”

“The system itself is very good as a whole but there are certain aspects of it that can make using it sometimes frustrating and difficult.”

“The introduction of ‘ Touch’ has been a dramatic change, and is very easy to use.”

“Jack is one of your best employees by far and an absolute life saver (on more than one occasion)!”

“Always find staff very helpful!”

“Expert Agent have been fantastic all round – their system is the best to use, great staff and fast responses.”

“Expert Agent is easy and friendly to use with great customer service.”

“Slick operation that has added real benefit to our business.”

“I use the new version of Expert Agent and I have found it very helpful. It is simple to use and has made the job a lot easier.”

“Really easy to use informative system.”

“Excellent service! Always happy to help if needs be.”

“Expert Agent have been fantastic in providing a service which is user friendly, they are so quick to resolve any issues you may have.”

“Great service, self-explanatory very useful tool!”

“Expert Agent are outstanding when it comes to resolving problems and helping with any situation that comes up.”

“Expert Agent is always there to help. Thank you!”

“Good product to meet our business needs and good online training modules.”

“Makes my job easier that it ever has been!”

“Respond quickly to any problems what we may have – this product is the life blood of our business.”

“Great company – would recommend to anyone unless they are my local competition!!”

“Expert Agent have been amazing with support for the product, and I can’t thank them enough the whole system makes my life easier!”

“Excellent company and approach to customers”

“EA continue to be an invaluable partner to us and our business”

“A great tool for the business. The system is easy to use even when updates have occurred.”

“Time saving and efficient, no longer need to have paper files. Able to work anywhere, no need to be sat in the office!”

“Overall, very good. Far better than our previous software provider.”

“Great product and support people!”

“Thank you Expert Agent for another year of working together.”

“Easy, quick, professional!”

“Amazing – best thing since sliced bread!”

“Good overall – an asset to our company. I have used several software packages in the past and can say that Expert Agent is the easiest to use.”

“Excellent service and system. Saves a lot of work!! Back up service excellent. Well recommended…..”

“We have used many of the other competitors and we are happy with this supplier more than any other. The software is very easy to use!”

“Expert Agent has really helped me to ply my trade and is excellent at providing good service.”

“After using Vebra, Expert Agent is so much easier to use, far more user friendly, excellent updates and back up, always happy to help.”

“Support within Expert Agent is outstanding in addition to the numerous training modules available to assist the learning process.”

“By far the best sales, on-going customer service & support available. No letting agency CRM system can even compare.”

“Very pleased with the software! Best I have used by far! Keep up the good work.”

“We choose Expert Agent as we had heard glowing reviews from every agent we spoke to about their product. We have not been disappointed!”

“Very happy with product and service”

“Very helpful to a relative Expert Agent newbie!”

“My workload has halved since I’ve started using Expert Agent and it gives me more time to focus on my clients.”

“Expert Agent are always very helpful and efficient whenever you have an issue and the system is extremely user friendly.”

“Great customer service, making our day to day life in the office very easy with their help.”

“Expert Agent has evolved. The overall product has always been excellent yet the latest ‘Touch’ version is outstanding”

“Always receive a fantastic service, highly recommend!”

“Expert Agent rocks! Very helpful support team & great new Touch system!”

“Easy to use, has everything that I want and need, beautifully thought out piece of software. Top stuff.”

“Expert Agent are a really excellent company to deal with, easy to contact and always helpful.”

“We launched MMP early 2014 and Expert Agent’s support all the way along has been amazing. Their platform is perfect for our needs and wants.”

“Fantastic team, always available and always helpful. Deal with any issues straight away, keep in regular contact to update us on progress.”

“Could be much simpler to use and become more user-friendly. It is also often very slow – but on the whole a very decent platform to use.”

“I run my business single-handedly so I need a system that will save me time wherever possible and Expert Agent does exactly that.”

“My experience so far is 100% good! Any minor setup issues were quickly rectified & it has been smooth sailing all the way since…”

“Excellent service!!!”

“New to company so not been using Expert that long, however I am very pleased with it and managed to get to grips with it very easily & quick.”

“Expert Agent started good and has evolved with ever increasing demands of its users.”

“I find this system both informative and very easy to use, would recommend this to anyone.”

“Very easy to use and more importantly easy to teach new staff on.”

“Does what is says on the tin!”

“Having previously used Dezrez, Reapit and EAPro I have to admit that Expert Agent is superb. Easy to use and does everything I need.”

“Craig in the design team is always so patient, helpful, fast at replying and accurate. A credit to EA!”

“Expert Agent is a forward thinking, innovative company with excellent software, easy to use without losing any style or depth of detail.”

“Really great company, approachable and amazingly consistent.”

“Very customer focused and a pleasure to deal with. Excellent value for money”

“Really good system which never lets you down”

“The improvements that have been made by Expert Agent are brilliant and have made the system easier to use.”

“Good overall system”

“Great system! Easy to use and looks very fresh.”

“We have used Expert Agent for many years and we have always been 100% happy and satisfied with everything that they do.”

“A very well rounded package!”

“Excellent supplier!”

“Excellent. Nothing but praise”

“The accountancy functions could be improved for managed lets but otherwise the service is very good and easy to use”

“From the word go Expert Agent have been efficient helpful & supportive”

“Fantastic software provider with great support when needed”

“Many features are suited to London agencies and relate to multi agencies and changing agents regularly. It speeds up admin & lets us sell”

“We have been using Expert Agent since 2006 and are happy to recommend them to other estate agents.”

“I’ve previously used Dez Rez and Encore in other Agents + am happy with the level of Service and find EA to be user-friendly + efficient!”

“Pleasure to deal with, great company, great product, great price. What more can you say”

“Functional, intuitive software which makes agency on the go possible.”

“The software is easy to use, the touchscreen version is so useful on the go and the staff are ever so helpful and respond quickly!”

“Expert Agent is by far the easiest & best property management software. It makes life so easy!”

“I am new to the estate agency world and have found the Expert Agent system a fabulous tool to help me learn the profession and quickly.”

“Absolutely SUPERB company who really understand the needs of today’s estate agent, could not recommend highly enough!”

“Great service provided – EA is integral to the running or our agency. Keep up the good work. P”

“Expert Agent have more than lived up to our high expectations – good job!”

“Never had any issues with Expert Agent in the 4 years we have been using them. Fantastic support and offer real value for money”

“Easy to talk to & explain everything in laymen’ s terms……”

“Reactive and great customer service even though we are using the services in a specific way (as we are based in France, not the UK).”

“The whole team are friendly, professional, efficient, responsive & proactive, I cannot recommend them highly enough”

“Most impressed with how we benefit with no extra charge from all improvements to the software which totally enhances our service levels.”

“Expert Agent really are a feel good company to work with; they have a great product and are a genuinely helpful. A true breath of fresh air.”

“Very happy with our choice to use Expert Agent.”

“Fantastic product and service.”

“Very happy with Expert Agent, have everything covered and provide an excellent service.”

“This is a very useful tool for our business.”

“One of the best services I have come across with outstanding customer support team…”

“Great people to deal with, easy to understand and forward thinking! Well Done!”

“Fantastic and very user friendly.”

“Their business is making our business work…..and they do!”

“Consistently good in most areas. Thanks and Well Done.”

“A great team who are friendly and very helpful!!”

“Very helpful and fast at replying.”


“Easy to use, helpful staff, quick to respond to issues, the complete opposite of my previous software provider.”

“Extremely supportive, genuinely care and always happy to help. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

“BRILLIANT ALL ROUND !!! great at identifying our business needs and driving us forward, great service and in depth knowledge of the industry.”

“Truly a great system we really couldn’t work without it.”

“Very efficient product and the staff are very good too!! Rich”

“We have been using Expert Agent since we started the business approximately 10 years ago. Couldn’t manage without them.”

“Expert Agent have been invaluable to us and provided everything we need to upgrade our business systems and processes.”

“Great website, easy to use and the support staff / training facilities are very responsive and efficient.”

“More than 7 years later we continue to use EA because they have helped us grow our business and they provide an invaluable service.”

“I have worked for a number of companies & can honestly say Expert Agent provides the easiest platform for managing an applicant database.”

“Excellent software, easy to use and helpful staff.”

“Expert Agent are a pleasure to work with. The service they provide is above the level expected.”

“The customer service provided by this organisation is quite exceptional.”

“Excellent service and product.”

“I have worked at many companies before now and this system is by far the best. The support staff are great and get back to you straight away.”

“With regular improvement updates, a great support network and complete ease of use Expert Agent is completely faultless!”

“I have to say that since we have taken on Expert Agent our work load although increased has become a lot easier to control.”

“Expert Agent Touch has been a major improvement, we love it! Heather”

“When issues have arisen Expert Agent work with us or our IT supplier to find quick solution.”

“Brilliant service! Fantastic software, an asset to our business without doubt. Would definitely recommend to any other agent.”

“I would recommend Expert Agent to anyone in the Real Estate Industry. Their customer service is better than I have ever experienced.”

“Have been with Expert Agent since its inception & GMW before & have not had any good reason to change.”

“Have used other systems but wouldn’t use any other now!”

“Customer for 5 years and love how the product keeps evolving. Still one of the best purchases made for my agency, Stuart”

“Ease of use, excellent product!”

“We have been with Expert Agent for quite some time and have found the service brilliant.”

“Excellent level of support!”

“Great software, training and customer service!”

“Recently switched from another software. Found Expert Agent to be extremely helpful and very caring.”

“Expert Agent are very friendly and approachable making it a very user friendly system both in terms of operating and answering queries.”

“Truly professional service in every department”

“Expert Agent is by far the best, most convenient and easy to use software package that I have experienced in the industry. 10 out of 10!”

“Excellent service, very easy and straight forward to operate”

“Absolutely fabulous service. Always on hand to answer queries and provide assistance. Have recommended widely.”

“Great service.”

“I have found expert agent to be really helpful in my day to day tasks.”

“Excellent service. Support of issues are dealt with efficiently through the “Support Ticket” system. They are always open to suggestions.”

“Very useful and easy to use services.”

“Expert Agent’s continuous approach to developing and improving the service is exemplary.”

“Great service.”

“Brilliant product, the brochure system plays up sometimes but other than that, great!”

“It took a little time to get my head round the system but I really find it easy to use. Good all round system. It does what it says on the tin.”

“More than happy with the service from Expert Agent.”

“I have recommended you to two new estate agents that are setting up. Excellent service and excellent system.”

“Good package just let down on occasions by the accounts side.”

“I love Expert Agent and don’t know what we would do without it.”

“Expert Agent have made a vast improvement in 2014. The site is now much more user friendly and smoother to operate.”

“We joined Expert Agent towards the end of 2014 and already it is making my staff more efficient in the way they work.”

“I work from Expert Agent 5 days a week, and it is fantastic. It holds everything I need to carry out all of my tasks and is efficient.”

“A first class service at an affordable price with extremely friendly staff and an excellent product.”

“Excellent service from a great supplier. Questions and problems solved fast and any updates I would like to see are listened too.”

“Brilliant in every aspect!”

“Very helpful and informative staff and always a quick response to any query.”

“Particularly impressed with the changes they have made in the last 2 months.”

“Really useful for all our business – will make things more efficient.”

“Excellent support and very good communication at all levels, right down from MD level. It all adds up towards feeling like a valued client.”

“Refreshing approach from a software provider at reasonable cost.”

“Ever enduring, always improving, easy to use, essential.”

“Expert Agent are consistently excellent in all aspects of our relationship with them. We frequently recommend them!”

“A great package which has almost endless ways of customising its use to suit our needs.”

“They do a good job and the system does what it says on the tin!”

“Great product and great service.”

“I cannot rate them highly enough. Their ongoing support and willingness to make any necessary changes promptly makes them invaluable.”

“A longstanding company, with a genuine aim to provide excellent products and services to the estate/letting Agents.”

“Great Value, Great Service and a Great Product.”

“Excellent support and very quick to resolve any queries. Particular credit goes to Craig Harrison our web designer who was superb!”

“Expert Agent so easy to use and follow!”

“When talking to someone regarding a query or issue they speak in non techno terms – which is what I need. Very reliable response to tickets”

“Excellent communication. Excellent customer service and a great bunch of people to work with.”

“I have been using the software for over four months and have found it user friendly robust and intuitive both on PC and on iPhone and iPad.”

“First class service from day one.”

“For a technophobe like myself they instil confidence in making sure that I have a very professional website.”

“I love using EA. It is extremely functional and incredibly easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone!! The new EA touch is a dream to use.”

“With 16 years of trading under my belt, EA are my 4th CRM and I am ecstatic with their services.”

“After 28 years working for an estate agency, I have now set up my own business – the right and only choice for my software was Expert Agent.”

“As a sales progressor for move residential, expert agent plays a vital part in the service that we offer to our clients. A++++ SERVICE”

“Great service”

“I have been using Expert Agent since its inception and am most delighted with the product, the upgrades and the service I receive.”


“Fantastic service Expert Agent, we honestly couldn’t have done it without the likes of yourselves.”

“I find Expert Agent ideal for my needs it is quick simple and if I have any issues they deal with it straight away.”

“Excellent product which is very easy to understand and use. The support from the team is second to none.”

“Expert Agent is a very impressive system that suits our agency perfectly, the support team always respond to any issues promptly.”

“I have used 3 other agency software suppliers over the years but Expert Agent is streets ahead of the competition.”

“All round great product and customer service.”

“Always very helpful when I have a problem.”

“Very helpful team when I have had any queries.”

“No complaints, only praise!”

“Making day to day working life easier – making life easy :)”

“Expert Agent are a must for any estate agency business I find them both professional yet approachable.”

“Fantastic customer service and top notch technology making life of estate agency a breeze.”

“Great product, makes life so much easier, and as cloud based accessible anywhere.”

“As a company, we have been using Expert Agent for several years. As we have grown & evolved, so have they.”

“Expert Agent keeps us ahead of the competition and on top of our game”

“Great product!”

“We have been a customer of Expert Agent for over a year now and it’s been a lot easier having their systems in place.”

“Expert Agent is the perfect software for our company supplying us with all we need to organise and run our day to day business.”

“They are a lovely bunch of people and have been so helpful with issues I have had relating to Trading Standards changes.”

“Easy and simple to use. No hassle. Good support team.”

“Staff are always very pleasant and quick to help.”

“E.A have been very good in explaining their system to us in the first year of usage. Well done!”

“Always supply a quick and efficient response if we require it to any issues and constantly looking to improve the ease of use to the system.”

“At Urban & Rural we love the continued product development and flawless technical support. It does exactly what it promises.”

“Great services and support!”

“Great service, very reliable, would highly recommend!”

“Expert Agent is one of the easiest programmes to use, I have had experience with many different softwares and nothing compares.”

“Expert Agent have been very proactive in setting us up and getting us prepared for using their system.”

“They’ve done wonders for our business and we’ll never look back!”

“After trying a few suppliers I was sceptical of believing how efficient this service would be. But we were wrong. They are great!”

“Consistent helpful service, thanks!”

“Very happy with Expert Agent, easy to use and any problems even if you log a support ticket as non-urgent they come back to you very quickly.”

“They take a huge load off estate agents with Expert Agent, simply to use, training provided, friendly staff.”

“Expert Agent have provided a faultless service to us during 2014 – makes our job so much easier – couldn’t be without them!”

“Our business is much more efficient now that we use Expert Agent, it has transformed the way we work.”

“Brilliant supplier, excellent service and great websites.”

“Excellent support and back up.”

“Excellent supplier”

“I’ve used a number of software systems over the years, Vebra, CFP and CARL etc. New staff enjoy EA’s ease of use and this makes us happy too”

“I have used Expert Agent for 5 years and just love how they consistently have their finger on the pulse and develop the product accordingly”

“Dealing with Expert Agent is always a pleasure.”

“Expert Agent’s support ticket system is actually quicker than a phone call! Superb customer service.”

“Great company, and great software. Always helpful, and at a good price”

“Very friendly and and supportive staff, very grateful for their expertise and response time to any queries we may have.”

“I have found this system very useful as it has helped to increase business 10 fold”

“I am delighted to be using Expert Agent as it gives me everything for what I need at a very competitive price. Staff are also very helpful”

“Great product which is continually being improved and developed with input from its customers, the free training and support is excellent”

“Easiest and most officiant service I’ve used in 5 years in the industry.”

“Having been employed by a different estate agent and using different software this has a much more modern and easy to use approach”

“EA has become an indispensable tool for us with excellent support and great capacity to support our future growth within the industry.”

“The new Expert Agent touch is brilliant.”

“Expert Agent is fantastic and I don’t know how we managed without it before!”


“Enabling us to have a say in what improvements need to be made and problems we come across as day to day users. For me that is great service!”

“I was keen this year to vote with a much more critical view of Expert Agent but try as I might they remain excellent throughout.”

“An excellent company. The best one by a mile out there. Value for money. 5 star customer services.”

“I’m “the customer from hell” as far as the team at EA are concerned, but they’re all really great with me. They couldn’t be better!”

“Expert Agent enables us to run the business smoothly and effectively.”

“We have recently joined Expert Agent and we have found them a breath of fresh air to work with.”

“Expert Agent is an extremely good, efficient, user friendly system. The staff are invaluable with their help. Highly recommend.”

“Fantastic to be part of and always nice to know they are there to help with anything.”

“Since using Expert Agent I can easily that our ability to get our product out to our public has increased dramatically and more efficiently.”

“Great and easy to use with lots more to learn, helps me stay organised and a step ahead.”

“I feel EA provide a very good service.”

“Expert Agent Touch makes working while on the go easy and fast, offering excellent support too!”

“Excellent service at the outset and continued over the many years we have been with Expert Agent.”

“Been using this software since 2006 and GMW from the early nineties, never had the need to consider using other suppliers.”

“Expert Agent is brilliant and easy to use”

“Good company, highly recommended!”

“We have needed assistance with certain aspects of the software, and the training and support that has been offered has been incredible.”

“It’s so easy to communicate with Expert Agent by submitting tickets, the response is always very quick and problems are solved very quickly.”

“I have dealt with EA for several years, always been impressed with the firms ability to move with the times.”

“We have been with Expert Agent for many years and would highly recommend them.”

“Great product,service and customer care.”

“Setting up this year as a new agent was daunting, but with the help and experience of Expert Agent, they helped me so much, Thank you.”

“Extremely happy with the system and service highly recommend.”

“Easy to use and good to keep yourself updated on everything.”

“Expert Agent is a great software to use. And if I ever have the problem the team on hand to contact are friendly, helpful and reliable.”

“Excellent service.”

“Great service, the people are really helpful and prompt in responding to any issues we have.”

“Brilliant!!!!! Couldn’t do my job without it.”

“Expert Agent has transformed the way we communicate with our clients and also provide us with a fantastic new website every two years!”

“Cobble Country have used Expert Agent software now for many years and it continually improves for the changing times and marketplace.”

“The staff very helpful, but decision makers are not bothered about individual businesses and communication is one way and poor!”

“Never had a problem with EA. Always easy to talk to and is much easier to use then several other software providers I have used in the past.”

“At Adore Cardiff we are highly reliant on Expert Agent as it give us the tools to manage our properties effectively.”

“A great system that is easy to use, video training which also provides continual support and cloud based which enables me to work anywhere.”

“Excellent customer service!”

“As a company we are very happy with the company.”

“Great product, has made a massive difference to our business.”

“Any problems are quickly resolved to help keep the office running smoothly.”

“We have used Expert Agent for close to 9 years now, and it just keeps getting better and better!”

“I always get fantastic service and help when I need it!”

“Fantastic provider!”

“We have been using this product for over a year and have found it very easy to use and has all the facilities we require as an agency.”

“Excellent all round service we have been very happy for the 8 years we have used Expert Agent. Always evolving and improving.”

“Excellent all round, friendly staff.”

“Having used other software providers Expert Agent are by far the most up to date and always there for you.”

“Excellent A* provider.”

“Superb level of service. Super quick to respond to questions and will not hesitate in telephoning to discuss if they feel that works better.”

“We have been using Expert Agent for 6 months or so now and the system suits our needs far better than the previous system.”

“I have used Expert Agent since they started and like the way they always keep up with current trends.”

“Since the implementation of their updated version which enables touch use, it been a joy to use.”

“Very easy and intuitive to use, and supported by knowledgeable staff. They are always improving the system, unlike their competitors.”

“We’ve been so pleased with Expert Agent and have been a customer now for approaching 10 years. Excellent customer support.”

“Always excellent service and communication with expert advice on hand whenever we need it!”

“I have used Expert Agent since I started the business back in 2007. Since then they have been invaluable to my business. HomeAgent UK.”

“Great company, service and experience.”

“We have complete peace of mind to know that our business is using a system that is far better than our expectations. Expert Agent is amazing!”

“EA is very easy and logical to use with lots of useful tools to help the business, there is always someone on hand to help.”

“Overall good quality service, would recommend.”

“I have been using Expert Agent for the past 12 months and its brilliant. The training is second to none and the team are really helpful!”

“Expert Agent is efficient, effective and reliable and a must for foward thinking estate agents.”

“Reviewed options for quite some time before selecting Expert Agent – right choice made!”

“I love Expert Agent.”


“Expert Agent is a customer orientated system and have always strived to make it user friendly. Excellent software!”

“Excellent training and support from Expert Agent, which has helped our office run more efficiently.”

“Expert Agent have been a revelation since moving from our previous software supplier, they are constantly improving their product.”

“Great and easy to use!”

“Invaluable service to our business.”

“As a branch owner i am happy with the overall usability of EA. It improves my branch’s efficiency and speed of promoting new properties.”

“Although we have only been using Expert Agent for a short time we cannot fault their efficiency and attention to detail.”

“Always found everything about Expert Agent to be spot on. Never had any issues and the customer service is great.”

“Always answer any problems or queries that arise very quickly and efficiently and very friendly too!”

“Fantastic system – the new touch system will suit all users from beginners to the most “Expert” of users!”

“Expert Agent is a breath of fresh air. Like-minded people providing exactly what we need and continually developing what we want. Well done!”

“Expert Agent is a very detailed yet simple to use program that allows us to arrange our diaries with ease at the click of a button!”

“A value for money software package which does exactly what it says it will do.”

“The new Expert Agent is clearer and more informative to use. I must admit I do find the whole software system to be extremely useful to use.”

“Very well organised and professional. Always looking for new ways to improve.”

“Expert Agent web based software solution is the best estate agency software I have used.”

“Expert Agent are always on the end of the phone or can be contacted via email and are quick and prompt with help and support.”

“Jack is the Main Star *****”

“Very happy and easy to use!”

“After using other software previously I feel Expert Agent is brilliant and helps ease the pressures of running a busy branch.”

“Cannot fault Expert Agent, they have all the bases covered, excellent….”

“Loving the Touch version!”

“1st class provider of a service that is essential to our business.”

“Happy customer”

“To date we have found dealing with Expert Agent simple, friendly & informative; they have been very, very helpful with all our enquiries.”

“I think Expert Agent is great for estate agents and helpful to match applicants to which properties they would like.”

“The best thing we ever did!”

“We have used Expert Agent now for 7 years and it has been excellent. We have tailor made the software to our business needs as we evolve.”

“An excellent product with fantastic support.”

“The product is very good, user friendly and easy to get to grips with. On-going issues are dealt with promptly and technical support good.”

“Great team who are always available to help.”