Taking the leap to a new software provider can sometimes be perceived as daunting. Here at Expert Agent, we have years of experience helping people make the change without it disrupting their business – and we even have a dedicated team whose sole responsibility is making the transition as easy as possible for you.

Our Implementation Manager will walk you through a plan for the best way to implement your business, listening to your individual needs and tailoring the process accordingly. She’ll also call you regularly to see how you are getting on and to ensure that everything you need with regards to training, bespoke sessions and 1-2-1 time with specialists is arranged for you.

As part of your sign-up package when you join Expert Agent you get bespoke help on a 1-2-1 basis from one of our Training Specialists, who will help you set the system up as per your requirements, walk you through using the key aspects of the system and even help you with your templates including your all important property particulars to ensure that they are perfect.

In addition to this, our Implementation Specialist is on hand all day every day to answer questions that new customers have as and when they have them. As you can see, we dedicate a huge amount of resource to making the move as easy and smooth as possible for you!

With regards to your data, our data migration specialists have experience migrating data from a wide range of other systems, and we pride ourselves on the quality of migration that we offer. Migration isn’t essential however if it is something that you are interested in you’ll be able to discuss this with the team during the sign-up process.