About Us

Expert Agent is used by 16,000 negotiators, administrators and managers every day in over 2,550 branches. Over 20% of all properties sold and rented in the UK in 2015 were processed through Expert Agent.

At any time, our servers are managing the process of marketing well over 100,000 properties to over 1m potential buyers.

Our products are well designed and thoroughly tested, because, well, this is all we do.

We’re a team of 34 people based in Frome, just outside Bath – the silicon valley of the West! Between us we have 70 years of experience supplying software to estate agents and 35 years of volume residential estate agency experience. Several of us have been estate agents or lettings agents, which makes us well equipped to understand your challenges and help you take them on.

We’ve been in business as ExpertAgent since 2003 (and many of us worked in Mike Griffiths’ previous estate agency focused software business) and had a £4m+ turnover in 2016.

Barbara Bennett

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Head of Operations
“As Expert Agent’s Head of Operations I’m responsible for the support team, the training team and the web designers as well as all the upgrades and enhancements that we do on a regular basis. I’ve worked with Mike, Dave, Steve and Tom almost since the start of Expert Agent. We’ve put together a really effective support and training system that allows customers to talk to real people with real estate agency experience but without going to the expense and disruption of formal face to face training ”

Dave Kayira

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Head of Product

“I ran the support team from the late ’90s onwards at GMW Systems, Mike’s previous business. When we set up Expert Agent, I went off to learn how to create and maintain a robust, scalable database system with the potential to handle the needs of thousands of agency offices and hundreds of agent websites without grinding to a halt. Early on, we decided to spend a lot of money on Microsoft SQL Server equipment and software so as to get reliability, scalability and someone to shout at if it all went wrong. You just don’t get that with free open source databases like MySQL and, whilst we’d have saved lots of money, we’d also have hit an insurmountable wall or two as we’ve grown. I studied hard for my Microsoft Database Analyst and Administrator exams but the lessons learnt have really paid off. I’m responsible for all database design and all big data related projects. I also spend a lot of time optimising our data – finding new ways to make it all go just that bit quicker. My small team also do all data migrations for customers moving from other products. We’ve developed data migration routines for all of the other well known estate agency software products. I also wear a developer hat – I’m a qualified Microsoft developer – and I get involved in developing large parts of Expert Agent itself, particularly where data manipulation plays a big part. For example, Expert Agent Marketplace was my big job a couple of years ago – this interfaces between Expert Agent and lots of third party product suppliers to allow our agents to order best of breed 3rd party products at exactly the right point in their workflow and the property sale/letting lifecycle. More recently, I’ve written our new sales chain progression system to allow negotiators, vendors and purchasers to visualise their deals.”

Steve Shenton

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Head of Technology

“I’ve worked in various IT implementation and software development roles for 20 years and have worked with Mike, Dave and Tom since 1999 – initially as a consultant and, from 2006 onwards, as a partner and full-time employee. I look after all the gear that makes Expert Agent run so smoothly. I designed and specified the configuration for our servers and data storage systems. I’ve placed lots of emphasis on making sure that there isn’t one point of failure. If anything fails in our main hosting environment in Maidenhead, I’ve made sure that there’s always a stand-by unit ready to switch over automatically. I’ve also recently rebuilt our second hosting site in a data centre in Bournemouth. It has taken a big financial investment and months of planning and execution for something that I hope will never get used. However, it is important that Expert Agent’s members and their customers get access to the appropriate data 24/7 without fail. I’m also a software developer and I’ve been responsible for some of the big projects we’ve undertaken in the last 18 months such as Potential Vendor Alerts and our new Powering 3 website technology.”