Save money with Expert Agent

Expert Agent is entirely web-based, so there’s no need to buy and maintain expensive servers or take out support contracts (something that could cost tens of thousands of pounds over just a few years, with your servers outdating every year).

Instead, you’ll find Expert Agent’s costs low, and simple…

» Step 1 – Choose how you want to set-up Expert Agent

Standard Implementation

£350 +VAT per company, to cover:

Live online staff training
Help creating Word based brochures and letterheads
Property Styling
Styling of our property-search and property-display components for your existing website

Premier Implementation

Standard implementation covers a lot, but if you’d like a more bespoke implementation please call us to discuss.

» Step 2 – Every member of staff gets their own user account. You just choose how many users will be allowed to connect at any one time.

One User: £55 per month

Two Users: £99 per month

Three Users: £137.50 per month

4th and subsequent Users: £38.50 per month


Branch Licences

For larger businesses/offices (normally 4 users and above) we can set up branch license packages at a reduced rate. Please call us to discuss.

» Step 3 – Any Extras?
How about a lovely new websitePlease call us to discuss
We also offer “Book keeper Support” at £50+VAT per month. This gives members’ book keepers a guaranteed minimum amount of help from our qualified book keepers to resolve specific issues that go beyond mere technical support or training. Examples would be helping to resolve misposted rent or working through an obstinate Bank Reconciliation You can read more about this optional service by clicking here